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We think artists should focus on creating: rather than marketing.

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We're a platform that connects you directly to clients ready to order custom garments.

Clients looking for couture use Maison Indie to find designers to make custom garments and looks.

See a list of clients looking to buy custom garments, right now.

Clients post their unique requests: a dress for a premiere? An entire look just because? Or perhaps a really special vest? Apply for the jobs you want to do.

Talk with the client directly.

Simply pick a job and send a direct message introducing yourself and explaining why you'd be a perfect fit. Clients get to choose their fashion designers, ensuring a personalized and collaborative experience.

Getting started is free.

We charge a 20% commission, automatically deducated from your payout. That's all - you'll never have to send us any payments.

We're all about emerging fashion designers!

We founded Maison Indie after seeing how difficult it is to be an indie designer. Juggling creation with marketing (and so much more) - it's rough right? Maison Indie provides you a way to get stable income while you grow as a designer and advance in your career.